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Julong focuses on the research, designing and manufacturing of various water engineering ships and platforms. We are a professional manufacturer and reliable service provider of dredging machines, water cleaning harvesters, mining machinery and sand processing machinery. Julong started the manufacturing of dredgers and related machinery in 1993. With more than 20 years’ experience, Julong can design and manufacture a variety of high-quality engineering machinery according to customers’ requests. Our products are famous for simple operation, reliable performance, perfect environmental adaptability,low cost and long working life. At present Julong has been appointed as senior member of China Dredging Association(CHIDA), member of Qingzhou Dredging Machinery Association, one of Weifang Excellent Scientific and Technological Private Enterprises and Excellent Innovative Enterprises, a Gold Medal Supplier and Star Supplier by Alibaba Group. Julong products have got the Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001-2008 , MA Quality Inspection & Test Certificate. Julong brand is shown as promoted brand on CCTV (China Central Television).
Depending on the advantages of strong technology, high quality and good service, Julong products have been sold to more than 30 provinces in China and exported to dozens of countries in South-East Asia, East Asia, South Asia, South America, Oceania, Africa, Eastern Europe. On the basis of superior products, Julong is improving by adopting new technology and introducing talents constantly. In addition, Julong has built good cooperation with many famous domestic ship-design colleges and institutes like Ocean University of China and Jiangsu Ship Design Institute. Julong has got dozens of patents by now and is developing towards one of the best brands in related field of dredging and mining machinery construction.
With increasing innovation ability, outstanding and flexible customization ability, growing delivery ability, Julong is winning more and more trust and cooperation from customers.Base on domestic,expansion to globe,Julong committed to create a global famous brand in the water area environmental protection field.
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