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Full Automatic Water Huacinth Salvage Vessel


It includes the function of volume reduction, temporary storage and automatic unloading. There is collecting idler wheel and cutter assembled in front collecting cabin, in the end of this cabin, there is one primary crusher driven by motor. The max water hyacinth storage capacity is 15t, when it is full loaded, the collected things can be conveyed into barge with 3.5 height or river bank directly. The vessel designed water tank in the middle and rear cabin which can prevent sewage overflow deck.

JLGC-220 Automatic Aquatic Weed Harvester

OA Length(Ladder included)

22.45 m

Loading Capacity

15 t

OA Width

6 m

Working Navigational Speed

3 km/h

OA Height

4.65 m

Transfer Navigational Speed

7 km/h

Collection Width

2.2 m

Endurance Ability

24 h

Engine power


Propulsion System

Paddle Wheel

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